Monday, 13 February 2012

What Has Martial Arts Got to Do With Fighting?

It might seem like a silly question on the face of it but I'm deadly serious. What has martial arts got to do with fighting? Martial arts get their name from the Roman god of war, Mars and the purpose of war is to get what you want or to protect what you have. The true martial artist trains for combat but knows that it is the last resort when all other avenues have failed. Why? Because its costly, time consuming and no one gets away unscathed.

Long before he resorts to violence the wise warrior will try other martial arts skills such as persuasion to get or keep what he desires. Martial arts is not just jump in and fight as so many seem to think it is, it is the use of strategy, manoeuvre, discussion and deep down a good sales pitch! Often when we think of martial arts we imagine two competitors facing off on the tournament floor or two armies standing opposed on the battlefield but these are only aspects of combat they are not the first choice of the wise warrior.

Competition is not martial arts it is simply the use of martial arts techniques under controlled circumstances in mutual combat for entertainment. It is not real martial arts, just a pastime that some martial artists indulge in. Real martial arts is the use of warrior skills to achieve a worthy life outcome and whilst that outcome may at some point warrant the use of violence, in most cases it won't. Why? Because violence is rarely the answer. If the bank manager refuses you a loan do you punch him in the face? Of course not! You'd end up in prison failing both to get the outcome you required and also losing your liberty in the process.

But you can use martial arts skills to get a bank loan. How? First you decide the outcome as in how much for how long? You cost the item the loan will purchase. You check your credit rating and choose a lender who is favourable to your circumstances. If its a business loan you prepare projections on how you will use the money and a background of your previous successes. You make an appointment with the bank and turn up well prepared, smart, clean and pressed. You submit your case in logical terms holding back any emotions except enthusiasm toward what you hope to achieve and you present your case.

This is the use of true martial arts skills using stealth, planning and persuasion and if you don't get what you want you go back and re-plan your strategy studying where you went wrong. You see martial arts skills are simply a metaphor for life skills and if you apply what you have learned in the dojo thoughtfully to your daily life you will get what you want without ever having to risk injury through fighting.

Tony Higo

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