Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Vulnerability Strategy No.3 - Target

3. Target Strategy

Definition: Everyone is vulnerable to something, find his Achilles heel

Everyone is vulnerable to something - No matter how tough someone appears to be they have a weakness whether it is physical, mental or emotional. Physically – know your targets; eyes, nose, jaw, chin, temple, throat, solar plexus, abdomen, groin. Any part of the body can be hurt if it is hit with enough power especially if there’s no time to defend.

Find his Achilles Heel - Mentally your opponent might be stupid, ill-educated, or gullible making him easy to trick. Emotionally you can find his weakness by insulting or threatening those he cares about. Sun Tzu and Musashi both recommended that you target an opponent emotionally by insulting his family or threatening his children. Remember also that your enemies will try this on you. Never let your emotions be used against you, be as inscrutable as a sphinx.

In assisting others don’t let them step into vulnerable situations; counsel them in the face of insults or demoralisation. Keep them from reacting emotionally.

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Tony Higo
Chief Instructor
AEGIS Martial Arts System

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