Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Focus Strategy No. 4 - The Draw

The draw works hand in hand with the first 3 strategies and they are often compounded together to complete a strategy. The draw differs from the other 3 in that it comprises offering oneself as a target like the boxer who taunts his opponent by sticking out his chin and when his adversary takes the bait and tries to hit it he finds himself set up for a well-planned counter attack.

Fighters skilled in the draw will make deliberate mistakes to tempt in an unsuspecting opponent leaving themselves uncovered such as dropping their guard and uncovering a juicy target like the chin. A favourite in boxing is to drop the lead hand as you edge closer exposing the left side of ones jaw. The opponent must believe you haven’t realised your error and is set up to hit you with a right cross, however as he throws the cross you slip right so it misses and goes over your shoulder left shoulder. This miss over commits your opponent whose momentum brings him close enough so that you can counter attack to his exposed chin with a short right uppercut. It’s a painful shot at best and often results in a knock out if delivered correctly. 

Once again you should study the draw carefully and how it interacts with the other focus strategies. If you find your opponents are not tempted by your draws then perhaps you are not convincing enough in the target you offer or your position is not strong enough to pull off the counter attack in time. A fighter who can skilfully combine these first 4 focus strategies will be very hard to beat. 

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