Saturday, 11 May 2013

Leverage Strategy No. 4 - Alignment

In combat martial arts we create leverage in our techniques by aligning our bodies to create more force for less effort. For instance on a lead leg side kick we can multiply our body weight in the delivery of the kick by aligning our head, hip and heel. If we make contact with these three body parts in a straight line from the kicking foot to the hip and to the head we can generate more force for less effort. 

On a right cross or left jab we do the same a strong and bio-mechanically correct technique creates force not just through speed and strength but by aligning the body in such a way as to deliver the most body weight we can. The difference between a heavy puncher and a light puncher in a boxing match is not their weight differences as there isn’t much of that but in how they apply the technique. If you examine the position of a fighter delivering a knockout technique you will often observe that his fist, elbow, shoulder, hip and both feet are closely aligned to maximise his leverage or force.

In life we can align with others who have similar aims such as a political pressure group, an association or organisation. Consider here the similarities between these first 4 leverage stratagems. Recruitment is you recruiting others to create leverage, tiring them is you persuading the opponent to use all his leverage, isolation is the opposite of recruitment and alignment is effectively joining someone else’s army. To fully understand strategy and how to use it you must consider how the different strategies contrast and compare. Without this you can never fully master them which if you think about it removes the leverage that you could have exerted had you studied them well enough.

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Tony Higo
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