Thursday, 9 May 2013

Leverage Strategy No. 2 - Recruit Strategy

In an earlier article I discussed the difference between a warrior and a warlord and how the warrior lacks leverage as he can only utilise his own energy or skill whereas the warlord has progressed to his lofty position by utilising the energy of others. The warlord recruits an army to fight for him and so can achieve bigger results. Imagine Lord Sugar for instance; how well known would he be today if he had never leverage himself up by recruiting his own army of staff to take on the tasks that he had no time to do. We would never have heard of him as he would have remained a warrior instead of promoting himself to the warlord status. 

I have deliberately used a non-martial arts example to demonstrate that though we learn these strategies through the martial arts, they are by no means limited solely to the martial arts. When we understand this we can leverage our skills into more areas of our lives which is why the ancient masters encouraged us to deepen our knowledge through practice in order to more fully understand our art. To fully understand means to recognise that our martial arts skills can be put to much more use than just fighting. Even the great swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, though he never built an army or aspired to progress through Japanese society as he no doubt could have still leveraged his skills. We know him as a sword master victorious in over 60 ‘death matches’ but he was also a gifted poet and extremely gifted artist. He mixed with some of the most powerful families in feudal Japan socially because he leverage his skill to recruit an army of friendly but powerful people who he could stay with or work for as and when he needed to. His fighting skill was leveraged to advance him socially which gained him the support of people who could assist him when necessary.

As with all the 25 FLITE stratagems they can be used in many situations if we take the time to study how we can apply them. Sadly I do not have space here to explore them in detail but you might wish to keep your eyes open for my upcoming book on strategy which will be available later this year if you want to study the subject in detail. 

Best wishes and have a great day

Tony Higo
Chief Instructor
National Martial arts Colleges UK

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