Monday, 20 May 2013


Today I an reminded to remember and everything I can say today is in the verses below: 


Dare to be different, swim upstream when everyone else
Seems to be going with the flow and Never do what is expected
Unless it is also what is right.
Develop rhino skin against false friends and fools
As they are everywhere and often difficult to recognise.

Remember those who help and support you, especially those
Who have the courage to disagree with you.
Be big enough to forgive them for saying their truth as they see it.

Remember to never judge anyone on hearsay,
Give everyone the chance to be right
Before you Decide that they are wrong.

Accept criticism but don't believe it unless you have examined it
And found it to be true and if it is true then act upon it without
acting too hard on yourself.

Remember your journey is your journey
And though some will join you for a while their destination
Cannot be the same as yours.

Remember all the problems you face today will one day
Not be important enough to be remembered beyond a few weeks
And most of the fears and worries that haunt you
Exist only in your imagination.

Remember to never let your emotions, thoughts or body rule your life,
Keep them in balance and remind yourself constantly
That you will be remembered for your actions more than
Your words and that your greatest gift is that invisible,
immeasurable spirit within that is the real

                                                                                                               Tony Higo

Thank you for reading...

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