Friday, 31 December 2010

Martial Arts Mastery – Life Mastery – Pt 2

I spent many years wasting my time in competition or teaching for free until one day I realised that I wasn’t using my martial arts, only a part of them. I was an incomplete martial artist thinking that martial arts was all about the physical, not comprehending that the other intelligences even applied or that martial arts could improve my life except it helped me beat someone up if they attacked me.

Suddenly I realised how little I knew about martial arts, in fact I didn’t even feel like I’d learned anything about martial arts at all over the previous 20 years of practice! I was wrong to feel this way because with a little thought (mental intelligence) I started to consider the skills used in martial arts against the skills used in life and over time I found them to be the same. This was a huge revelation to me and in part it was exciting and frustrating but at the end of the day you can either learn immediately or eventually as long as you learn. My learning curve came late but it came.

I hate to see martial artists wasting their time by focusing too much on any one area or intelligences, because I know that in the main they genuinely want to master the martial arts and that no matter how sincere they are they never will with their current thinking.

The level of thinking that got you to where you are today is not enough to keep you there – Albert Einstein

These martial artists will potentially waste years as I did and at the end of those years if they learn at all they will have little to show for all their time spent achieving their physical ‘mastery’.

Isn’t it a huge shame to have a skill and not be able to recognise or apply that skill to improving your own life? Yet everyday I meet more and more martial artists who like me were missing the key part of the martial arts message which is to thrive

Martial arts is at its most basic level to survive but its optimum level is to thrive, to excel at all your life not just a part of it. My goal now is to teach my students the real truth about martial arts mastery, including but not exclusively the physical skills because physical skills are not enough.

Excelling at life takes much more than physical skills as I have said and in the long term this will be proved to us as our physical skills deteriorate with age. However our mental skills will last much longer as when we start to deteriorate physically in our mid 30’s we have not even peaked yet in our mental skills. And whilst we must maintain and retain our physical health for as long as we live, the intensity will be reduced partly because we can’t maintain the same level as before and partly because we don’t want to. Our drive and our focus will change and adapt to our needs as we grow older.

My goal is to teach this knowledge to my students at a much earlier stage in their life or martial arts career so they can apply the martial arts skills they learn to their whole life. This way they will become true masters of the martial arts in both combat and life.

Thanks for reading today and I look forward to speaking again soon

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