Monday, 20 December 2010

Why Are My Children Such a Problem and How Can I fix Them?

Isn’t it true though? We love our children dearly but don’t you wish sometimes you could go back and fix them? I mean go right back to basics and start again from the beginning? Let’s face it as parents we don’t have any training in parenting, psychology or human behaviour, we just raise our kids the best way we can. Mostly we raise them in two distinct ways: How our parents raised us and exactly the opposite of how our parents raised us.

Parenting is emotionally draining and it’s not the only job we’ve got. Let’s face it we have a lot of stress as parents; managing house, home, work school, bills and planning for the future. We face redundancy, job loss, illness, bankruptcy and more in these times of high stress, so managing the kids often comes a little down the line in order of priority. To be honest they often don’t see the best of us. They just some grumpy old beggar who disagrees with everything they say and do.

This grumpy image is no way to be seen by our children. It’s not who we really are and it’s borne of trying our best to stop our kids from making the same mistakes as we did. But we often try too hard & stress so much that we get the opposite of the result we really want.

In my years of working with parents and children in my martial arts career I’ve discovered effective ways to heal the breach between us and our children and it comes down to 5 simple mistakes that we need to stop making. That’s the good news and there are simple ways to help you help your children but they’re not easy to do and that’s the bad news.

However, once you’re aware of what these mistakes are you’ll be able to build a strategy based on knowing when you are breaking the rules. The really good news is that in time you’ll get better and better at controlling your behaviour and so will your kids!

So what are these magical secrets, these silver bullets? Well here they are - the ‘Six  Destructive Habits’ that you use on your kids that do them absolutely no good at all – Ready? Join me tomorrow to find out more

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