Monday, 1 November 2010

Accepting What Is

It has been a recurring thought for some days now - 'what you resist, persists'. I've heard this many times over the years but just recently I think I've got it a new level of understanding. I am one who has resisted much in my life and tried to do things my way, I am stubborn to the point of stupidity. This year though I have made inroads into understanding my personality and allowing life to flow rather than me pushing, pulling or simply not budging.

I have started to look at my life from a new vantage point - as an observer - and frankly it has been a revelation. A good one, I am learning that I cannot resist what is and by accepting what is I am much happier. I have always felt that happiness is a goal, always in the future and when achieved it has been marred by a suspicion that I was then heading for some kind of crash. This year I have realised that happiness is a state of being, our natural state of being and that if I feel unhappy it a in an unnatural state that I have allowed into myself through believing that external issues can affect me. These external issues shout in our ears telling us that they are what matter, that life is hard, a battle; that people are out to get you and that I must constantly fight to stay afloat.

All these external issues are just noise in the background; worthless, pointless like the front pages of cheap magazines on the shelves at the local shop. My life conditioning has been to treat these as real and sometimes they still get me. But now I know them, I observe them and their power dissipates under my gaze like morning mist in the sunshine. These external issues are not me, and can only affect me with my permission.

I am me, and a happier me than I ever thought possible. I go (Higo) with the flow, allow what is to be, what is happening to happen, what I can give I give and what I can receive I receive. Life is Good!

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