Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Greatest Intelligence of All

Here it is, the big one! When it comes to intelligence this is the one that has for centuries defied all description, that is still so little understood. It has been spoken of for centuries by poets, philosophers, scientists and the like. It has been called by many names; subconscious, unconscious, Tao, other than conscious mind, the mind, the id, the mind of no-mind, the self, the being, the soul, to name but a few. This, what I will today call the 'Spirit'. Spirituality has for some years had something of a 'bum rap' owed in part to its association with organised religion which has for many fallen out of favour for various reasons.

Spiritual intelligence is the 4th of our key intelligences and the one that as a society we use the least. Today's society has worked hard to deny the actual existence of our spirituality and most of the messages we are bombarded with by the minute each day would have us believe that the only things worth believing in is what you can touch and feel. Phones, laptops, TV's, cars, holidays, cash, cards, fashion and the like. We are taught today that happiness is found in external things to the point where we cease to listen to what is really happening within us.

Spirituality is a massive intelligence, often overridden by our emotions and mental intellect which though important are not in the same league in terms of the size of its intelligence and power. The spirit is where the true answers to the questions we pose daily, lie. Think about the times when you have struggled with a problem and when you least thought about it the answer came fully formed into your head. The times when you slept on a problem and awoke with the answer. the place whereby all inspiration and creativity stems.

the spirit is a massive intelligence but a simple one in the same vein. it can provide you with anything you want in life as long as the requests you make of it are clearly and truly stated. Often our messages are mixed or contradictory such as 'I want to stop a smoking, (but what I really want is a smoke)' mixed messages like this often sabotage our attempts to have what we say we want, overridden by what we REALLY want. the spirit as i said before is a powerful though simple intelligence it can only respond to your true desires.

Another side of the spirit is that it represents our true being or self. If a baby lies in its cot and is not in pain, fear, discomfort or hunger will simply be. Not up or down emotionally it just is. I'm sure we have all witnessed this happening and it has almost certainly happened to all of us though we may not remember it. the spirit is our unencumbered self free from all fascia, want, need and desire.

Society teaches us that passion and love are emotional but this is not true; infatuation is emotional, excitement is emotional but true lasting love and passion spring from the spirit not the emotion. Infatuation is transitory but true passion is deeper and more sustained. You have only to look at those couples who have strived to ensure their relationship endures through many years; trials and tribulations to leave this world still together. This is true passion, the ability to maintain desire over the longest of terms through thick and thin.

If you can tap into your spiritual intelligence you will find the source of true joy, true self and true being and by understanding how the intelligences combine and pursuing a way (the way as the martial arts have long been described in oriental cultures) you will find a shortcut to your own spirit found through hard work, thought and practice that gradually exposes to oneself who we really are and what our true purpose is.

This has been a life long study for me and I have not even begun to scratch the surface of how the spirit really works. as it says in 'Tao Te Jing' the tao (spirit) cannot be named or known, touched or understood yet all things stem from it as their source.

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