Monday, 22 November 2010

The Law of Attitude

In the Aegis system we recognise 5 key laws upon which all the other laws are dependant. These are the laws of life that we must understand if we are to get the life we want. Whether you want money, fame, career, good relationships or leadership black belt they all rely on the 5 key laws.

The first of these laws is the ‘Law of Attitude’. The law of attitude states that ‘it’s your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude’. Without the proper attitude toward life, yourself and what you would like in life you are pretty much staying where you are. When I say proper attitude I refer to how you view your life and the challenges it presents plus how you respond to others that impact upon your life. An attitude that helps you to get what you want for instance. We all know the saying ‘is the glass half full or is it half empty’ and how we view this glass gives us an indication of how we might view our life, whether it is a positive, optimistic and enthusiastic view,  or whether it is a negative, pessimistic, dour view that you have of your life. The former fires your motivation whilst the latter dampens it and you can’t achieve what you don’t have any passion for.

One thing to be aware of in this is that you may be optimistic in some areas of your life yet pessimistic in others or optimistic some days and pessimistic on others. Knowing the difference will help you to more clearly consider and work towards what you want from your life.

Without the right attitude we will lack the motivation to achieve a better life and this is why attitude is the first of the key laws. The law of attraction says ‘you can’t have what you don’t really want’ and the other day I came across a lady on Facebook who I said something to the effect that ‘all men are worthless’ yet her whole spare time seems to spent pursuing men. This attitude of one part of you despising what the other part seeks is the wrong attitude to get what you want, as it means you don’t know what you want. What man wants a woman who despises his whole gender? Does she really despise men or does she despise how they make her feel? Does she take the first man that looks good or does she consider the type of man that makes her happy and look to find him?

The problem is that the type of person we are attracted to is not necessarily the type of person we will get on with in the long term. But the kind of person we find attractive is often based on conditioning, habit. For instance, we are bombarded daily by images of attractive people used to attract us towards the products that they are marketing. These models are used because they are attractive to our cultural stereotypes that have become our norm over the last 50 or 60 years.

In the same way we are often suckered into wanting products that we don’t really need. You just have to look at the number and types of mobile phones available. The choice is immense but at the end of the day does it matter? What matters is that we are often so weak in our attitudes that we can be manipulated into thinking that a fancy new phone will makes us happy. When we are so simply manipulated what chance have we of getting the life we want? We are made to think that we want a life that won’t even get close to making us happy.

Instead, our attitude must be worked on by first deciding what we REALLY want, not what everyone else has though this can be a starting point. As long as you remember that what you want today may not be the same when you actually get it. Once you achieve a goal you reset it based on how the one you just got made you feel. Gradually through experience you refine your goals with a better view of where you are going. BUT only if you have the right attitude! I see people often chase a goal and either because they didn’t get it soon enough, or at all, or it didn’t give them what they wanted they just quit. This is the wrong attitude and answers for the fact that so many people quit too early and end up with a cynical view of life.

So if you really want a life that fulfils you then the first thing you need is the right attitude, it’s the number one building block of success.

Thank you for reading today and I look forward to speaking to you again tomorrow on the subject of the second of the key laws the ‘Law of Outcome’

Best wishes

Tony Higo
Chief Instructor
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