Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Law of Action - Go for it!

This law is about implementing & taking action and states that ‘Nothing happens until something moves’. We can do all the talking in the world but until we take action and do something we have done nothing. So often I hear people say that they ‘are working on it’ that is to achieve their dreams but their body language tells me otherwise. It tells me that they are procrastinating, being distracted by the unimportant, the frippery of life such as TV, mobiles phones and computer games. Acting as if these things are necessary to life instead of seeing them as tools to improve their life and to help them to achieve what they truly want.

I meet people everyday who take no action because they don’t realise that they can and this is sad. This is what our organisation is about, to show people that the life they have is not the life that they need to be living unless it is the life they want to be living. We exist to teach people that they can experience lives of true joy and achievement if only they will take that first step – Action.

When we are young and impressionable we want to fit in so we often follow the crowd, but just because everyone is doing the same thing doesn’t mean that it is the right thing. When we are young we feel that there is plenty of time ahead of us and there is, hopefully. But too often we treat our lives like the man who is immoral all his life intending to seek forgiveness on his deathbed only to get hit by a bus long before he is old enough to die. We cannot put off our lives to some further date in the future; our lives are happening right now, today, this minute and once we have an idea of what we want our lives to be, we can only achieve that idea if we take action. So far in our discussion on the 5 key laws of success we have look at our attitude, expectation and game plan and all these are necessary but without we implement them by taking action – nothing changes.

Often I meet people who are waiting for something to happen before they take action such as when people come to enrol in academies and say ‘I’ll come back when I’m fitter’ they don’t understand that if they come they’ll get fitter. Or people say I’ll do it after the holidays or after Christmas. It’s all nonsense! If you are going to do something you do it! Now, timing is important too but the best time is now because who knows if you’ll ever get another opportunity.

If you want something from life, and I hope you do, start on it today! Get your attitude right, set your goal, make your game plan and go for it. When you do you will find that you learn several things: one is that by taking action you feel a sense of personal progress and achievement, even though you’ve just started! In fact because you have started. The next thing you’ll often find is that things start to happen to help you along and the third thing you’ll find is that you get what you want much faster than you ever expected. Another thing you’ll find is that some people won’t take you seriously and often it can be the ones closest to you but don’t worry and don’t listen to them. It’s only fear that you’ll leave them behind or that you might turn out to be more than they thought because no matter what your size, age, weight, intelligence, background – you can achieve whatever you want and much more simply by getting going. Another great quote is ‘you don’t have to get it right you just have to get it going’

As the German writer and philosopher Goethe once said about taking action ‘Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

So remember: nothing happens until something moves and when you move and take action toward your goals, the universe will step in and help. Don’t ask how, just accept that it does as Nike’s tag line says ‘Go For It!’

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Best wishes

Tony Higo
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