Thursday, 18 November 2010

How's Your RADAR working?

In the Aegis system we have a method of  strategising each and every action, a system that applies to martial arts and to daily life. The system we use is called RADAR. RADAR as with its original is an acronym but ours stands for the 5 step system that deals with every challenge/problem and how to deal with it from a personal protection issue to planning your finances.

The system is this:

R = Recognise. This means to recognise the threat or opportunity that has arisen. A successful life filled with effort and achievement comes mainly through recognising the potential opportunities as they arise, from a life threatening situation or a money making opportunity
A = Assess. Assess the relative merits or otherwise of the situation. Is it high risk or low risk? High risk could mean a physical or financial threat with high potential reward or low risk. It could be such a high risk as to be completely avoided or so low a risk that you can ignore it.
D = Decide. Decision comes before all actions. The course of action is crucial to its success or failure. Inaction is for those who fail. Sometimes though inaction may be the right choice however, we must be aware that if we constantly choose inaction we may be avoiding too many options and missing out on potential opportunities. Decision can as simple as action or no action or a fully developed strategy.
A= Action. Action is the key to all success and nothing happens without it. I see so many people who talk a good fight but always seem to have an excuse as to why they take no action. At first these people can bamboozle us and seem to have the 'go' that we have, but with time the ones who promise but don't act are left behind us. As you take action in your own life you will make gains and losses, but each one will teach you more and more about success.
R = Review. Review is also a a key part of the whole process, the act of reviewing what has happened, how it worked, what worked best and what did not work. Review of either success or failure is an important part of the whole process of self improvement and personal protection as this is where we redevelop our future strategy. There is a saying which goes 'experience is not what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you.' the review process is how we use the experience. Future plans may need and often will need a different approach as we refine and shape our future plans. Without the review process we will not make an intelligent use of the experience. there is another saying that 'insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result'

In combat we use the RADAR system to first recognise the challenge, then assess the potential risk/danger/reward. After that we decide on a course of action; whether to fight or fly, then we take the action and after that we review how the action worked for us; whether it was the right thing or in hindsight whether we can have taken a better road. Its a simple system but it works to help us understand the process we undergo every time we meet with a challenge. The strength of RADAR is that we always use it whether we know it or not, but knowing that we use it and how it can be used gives us the edge on all our problem and challenges. When we understand our natural process of handling challenges we have a structured method and therefore a better method of dealing with them; giving us the edge on improving upon our past solutions. Having a method teaches us that life's challenges can be handled, managed and better managed. Management of any issue denotes control of it and control gives us choice and choice gives us freedom.

Freedom is one of life's greatest treasures and so many people feel themselves controlled by their lives; without choice; trapped that they miss out on life's joy. Now you have RADAR you can if you haven't already, bring back control of your own life and the joy, win or lose that goes with it.

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Tony Higo
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National Martial Arts College
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