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Every action has a start point - The Law of Launch Point

The Law of Launch Point states ‘each committed action has a point of origin and the better we prepare this point the greater the chances of success’ This law is a sub law of the laws of position, priority, surprise and links to several other laws such as the law of timing, proximity and set up. It is a key law in terms of how it affects the effectiveness of any technique which it supports.

The launch point refers to the immediate position we are in prior to launching an action such as a technique, attack or defence. If ones launch point is weak then the whole attacking or defending techniques will also be weak. Launch point relies on maintaining the most useable position you can at all ties so that you can quickly drop into launch point immediately before the technique.

Imagine a spring board at a swimming pool, the board is ones launch point and it is designed to support the technique of diving so that each dive is at its optimum. Or imagine the launch of the space shuttle all the various laws necessary come together to bring about the ideal launch point of the spacecraft. With this launch point the success of any mission is compromised and it has take many many years to get the shuttle Launch point the near perfection that it is today. That doesn’t mean the launch point is fixed either, experience in launching more shuttles will gradually improve the launching process.

In life the launch point also brings together many laws to give us the best start possible for each challenge that we encounter. All the planning, training and expectation comes together and is focused at the point of launch. The launch point doesn’t have to be perfect because perfection doesn’t exist and the pursuit of perfection will just hold us back from starting. No, the launch point brings together the laws and focuses them to get the best result possible before we take action and often the action we take is not dictated by us but by external influences. The launch point utilises as many laws as necessary given the time and circumstances applicable to the event.

Launch point needs balance, timing, position, game plan and study to get the best result in the space and time available. For instance: let’s look at the delivery of a right cross.

The right cross conforms to the law of positioning in that the hand must be in a good position at all times to take advantage of the next available opportunity. Using the right cross alone breaks the law of prioritised movement and therefore uses a set up such as a left jab. The success or failure of the left jab dictates whether or not the right cross is thrown at the target. If the first punch lands well the second punch can be launched but if it lands badly the launch point of the next technique is postponed whilst ones decides what next action is best (can see the RADAR system coming into play here? If not re-read the section on RADAR) if no other action is better than the intended cross then throw that anyway.

Think about what the Law of Launch Point brings together:
  • The Law of Positioning – putting oneself in the optimum position to take advantage of the opportunity
  • In Martial arts this means utilising the strategic laws of the Law of the Lead, the Law of the Left, the Law of Proximity etc
  • Next comes the decision on which strategy to use based on the expected outcomes from taking the action
  • When these are prepared the law of Timing kicks in to evaluate the best time to strike
  • Now we have everything we need together and should be at launch point or launch point can be achieved quickly because we know what the next step is
  • Now we are in launch point ready and we take Action
  • Once we take action we get a result, whether good or bad and we
  • Review the result and move back into our recognition stage which means we evaluate whether there is another challenge ahead of us.

We have now gone full circle using the RADAR process and all in the blinking of an eye!

The law of launch point therefore is a sub law of Action, a link in the chain of the overall process but an important one nevertheless because it brings together several laws combining them together ready for action.

Our need is to recognise what is brought together at the launch point of any action because without a good launch point the whole action is compromised. In life the law of launch point is the ‘Steady’ in – Ready, Steady, Go! Now study how this law is used in the most simple of tasks such as throwing a Jab or paying the gas bill, it will be a key factor in whether your actions are successful in martial arts and in your daily life.

Thanks for reading today and I look forward to speaking again tomorrow on the Law of Surprise a key tactic in martial arts but one you will find is also a key tactic in life.

Best wishes

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