Friday, 26 November 2010

The Law of Study

The law of study states that ‘the more you know the easier it is to know more’ this law is concerned with, education, practice, repetition and review, what Stephen Covey calls ‘sharpening the saw’ and as Einstein once said ‘the knowledge that got you to where you are today is not enough to get you to where you want to be tomorrow’

Often I meet people who haven’t opened a book since they left school but there is one thing for sure ‘all leaders are readers’ and if you want the life of your dreams you need more education to get it than you have now. So if you don’t read you should start and if reading gives you problems you can buy most books on audio.

Study is also about practicing what you already know, because even with something you know very well, if you continue to practice and deepen your studies you will begin to understand the subject at a deeper and deeper level. Look at the top musicians or sportspeople, they practice day in day out even though they are the best in the world. There is even an accepted number of hours now that you have to practice in order to consider yourself a genius in any given subject and that number is 10,000. the most gifted geniuses in all history were not born that way – no one is born with the gift of being able to play the violin for instance. No, but if one is introduced to it from a very early age one and encouraged to play and practice everyday one will become a master of the violin.

The good news is that we can all becomes masters in any given subject as long as we apply ourselves for a minimum of 10,000 hours. 10,000 hours equates to 13.69 years if you practice for 2 hours every single day. Wow, you might say that’s an awful long time! but that time is passing anyway so why not make better use of the time you have to be excellent at the thing that is most important and valuable to your life. It doesn’t have to be the violin it can be anything and in martial arts training the same applies. You can achieve even faster if you put in more hours for instance if you put in 3 hours every day you can achieve mastery in under 10 years!

Obviously the reverse is true also. If you do nothing for instance playing on computer games, watching TV or socialising then unless this significantly improves your life it is a waste of time. Imagine the time people waster everyday pursuing activities that bring them no improvement in their life? Most people achieve little or nothing because they do not apply themselves to their studies and do not have the discipline. If you are the kind of person who just follows the crowd then the chances are high that you will not achieve much in terms of a successful life. But if you are prepared to commit yourself to a discipline and apply yourself to it you can reap the rewards of a life well lived. Sometimes I am criticised for this attitude but at the end of the day if none of us got up off our backside and made a difference to the lives of others then let’s face it our ancestors would never climbed down from the trees!

A wasted life in my opinion is the greatest of sins. We are given so many gifts and especially opportunities in this world and especially in this part of the world that it is easier than it has ever been to be successful and of value than ever before. If we attend to our continuing education through study: reading self improving books, watching educational video’s and listening to audio books we can constantly inspire ourselves to achieve more for ourselves, our families and our fellow human beings.

There is a saying that gives a good idea of the use of the 4 key intelligences and how they can be used in life and it states that our purpose here on earth is to ‘live, to love, to learn and to leave a legacy’. to live is to use our physicality our bodies, to love is to use our emotions, to learn is to use our intellect and to leave a legacy is to use our spiritual intelligence for the benefit of ourselves and others. To recognise and apply our 4 intelligences is to live a worthwhile life and to recognise that we can always be better than we are today by practicing and studying.

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